003 The Beatles on Multitrack, Part 1


One of the most fascinating aspects of The Beatles’ career is how, with George Martin’s guidance, they advanced the art of recording as they went from twin track to four track to eight track tape. Today, we examine how The Beatles progressed from learning the basics of the studio on twin track, to realizing the creative possibilities of four track. To understand how their ideas developed, we’ll listen to individual tracks from six multitrack recordings from 1963-66, and consider George Martin’s role during this period.


Lewisohn, Mark. The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions.

Martin, George. All You Need Is Ears.

Martin, George. With A Little Help From My Friends.

Martin, George. Playback.

Ryan, Kevin and Kehew, Brian. Recording The Beatles.

Winn, John. Way Beyond Compare: The Beatles’ Recorded Legacy, 1957-1965.

Jason Kruppa