001 Wind Up Piano - The "In My Life" solo and more

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George Martin’s memorable piano solo for “In My Life” was one of his favorite contributions to any Beatles recording. In this episode, we examine the special technique Martin used to capture this solo on tape, as well as how he used this same technique in a variety of other recordings. We also look into Martin's background as a pianist, and we sit down with the organist from St Louis Cathedral, Jesse Reeks, to discuss the origins of this solo in Baroque music.


George Martin's piano solo for In My Life (from The Complete Beatles Scores)


In My Life – alternate organ solo

The Warsaw Concerto - Riccardo Caramella, solo piano

Sadness - Matt Lemmler

Spirits - Matt Lemmler

How High The Moon – Les Paul and Mary Ford

The Chipmunks Song – The Chipmunks

Volare – Charlie Drake

Misery – The Beatles

Do You Want To Know A Secret – Billy J Kramer at the Dakotas

From Russia With Love – Matt Monro

A Hard Day’s Night – The Beatles

You Never Give Me Your Money – The Beatles



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